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Growing participation: More people. More tennis. More often!


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we raise our Racquets to you 

Hard working tennis clubs of Queensland, we salute you. You are the backbone of our sport and we want to help you flourish.

The Rally Kit has everything you need to reinvigorate your club. Use it to create a new league specific to your club’s needs, or enhance an already established league. We’ll guide you through tried and tested formats to attract new members and increase current member participation.

Wherever you are, however big you are, it’s your club’s time to shine. Let us show you how with The Rally Kit.

Thriving clubs run regular leagues

Let’s help your club thrive

It’s true, the most successful clubs run leagues and stay in the black. The Rally Kit will show you how you can install and enrich leagues at your club and the importance of this regular business to your centre.


Why leagues are good for your club

Everyone wins

Your club enjoys a reliable revenue source, less empty courts and a reason for members to return to the club each week. Your players benefit by getting an opportunity to play in a team environment against players of a similar standard and enjoy regular social catch‑ups.

Can we offer a hand?

If you need a little extra support, get in touch today, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll get the Tennis Queensland team on the case!

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